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Welcome to the "SZDB" - S Zone Online Database Website!
This is a pure database style website with sortable and filterable content of the Game S Zone Online.
It serves the purpose to be a quick reference for all kinds of S Zone Online data.

Barter, where to buy, guns, ammo, npcs done. Some half-done. Lots more to do!

Old versions: 0841, 0841ac

Examples in what situations this website can be of help to you:
"Let me compare weapon, armor and ammo statistics! Give me a quick list of all repeatable quests in the area!
Does this place have an Ammo Trader? Where do I find Mutant/Npc/Quest xyz? How do I get this piece of equip?"

Last updated: 23rd Feb 2014 | Up to date for SZoneOnline ver: | Total entrys: ??

Thanks to psybertech for the initial design idea; Thanks to Gungula for his feedback and motivation; Thanks to Prometheus for his continuous support;
Thanks to everyone who contributed data: Ralph, Mohawk, Trurl, Cpt_Wagnalls, Drauka, Nemitz, LOSTforEVER, Skazzy, Leifons, YangWenli, moh00, n00bie14, frozonnorth, wawache, BullzEyez,..
Thanks to Drauka, RaviRashud and ? for keeping this project alive with their donation!
If you want to support the S Zone Online DB: Send missing data to subject: "SZDB help". Any format accepted!
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